tactical suppressed weapons

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Rifles .30 Caliber - 7.62mm

Probably my personal favorite suppressor we manufacture is the .30 caliber tube. It is 9 inches 1.5 inch in diameter of pure unadulterated shooting bliss. Made completely out of titanium to withstand the harshest of conditions. I have seen small women be capable of sub-moa accuracy out of an auto rifle with this tube on because of the reduced recoil and sound signature. Not to mention that if this is shot in the woods none is able to pinpoint the location. Imagine shooting a .300 winchester magnum with no hearing protection at all. Now imagine your wife doing the same. This suppressor is so effective it can tame the recoil and noise of any 7.62mm, .308 .300 magnum or any other .30 caliber rifle with no problem. All suppressors are available in three colors, unfinished, desert tan and black. All colors are ceramic coated purported to withstand 1600+ degrees. The 300SOM retails for $995.00
Try it, you will not be disappointed!