tactical suppressed weapons

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If you are here you have decided to purchase a suppressor and are wondering how do I do so. They are a restricted item on a form 4, meaning that you would contact your local chief law enforcement officer, usually meaning sheriff of the county in which you reside and ask if they would consider allowing you to own a class 3 weapon. If the say they might, maybe possibly or anything other than absolutely not, you would call us and decided which suppressor you would like to purchase. We would then secure payment and transfer it to your local class 3 dealer and the paperwork is on you and them from there out. The rest of the paperwork would consist of having the chief law enforcement officer complete the paperwork, finish your part of the paperwork and submit it in duplicate to the ATF, completed with fingerprint cards and passport photos in duplicate and a check for the transfer tax in the amount of $200.00 US dollars. Then usually around 8-12 weeks later (sometimes less sometimes more) the ATF will return your paperwork to your dealer and then immediately upon receipt they should transfer the suppressor to you, they no longer have the right to hold. As soon as the paperwork comes back the tube is yours.

Military orders please click here.