tactical suppressed weapons

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.45 Caliber Handguns

The .45 caliber tube is six inches long and 1 inch in diameter. It looks great installed on 1911’s and functions well even on Glocks. The greatest part is no recoil booster, so this suppressor follows your guns, no more do you need to buy a tube specifically for a gun, by one and be done. This tube is a wet system utilizing aluminum with stainless steel thread inserts for maximum life and reliability.

We also offer a tube with all the same characteristics but just a hair larger, it is actually 1.25 inches in diameter, thereby creating a little more room and a little less noise, all the while still allowing you to utilize your factory sights. The A45WS (1 inch tube) retails for $475.00 while the larger A45MS tube costs only $500.00. All suppressors are available in three colors, unfinished, desert tan and black. All colors are ceramic coated purported to withstand 1600+ degrees.