tactical suppressed weapons

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These are flash suppressors designed for Duane Dieter's primary weapon defense class. They are titanium so they can be painted, we do not suggest that you do that if you intend to use them with our suppressors though. They will tint themselves black after a few rounds in the suppressor. The edge is sharpened to create a blunt force trauma in case of a strike, especially to hard surface areas such as skull or hands, basically anywhere bone can be struck. Also a twisting action of the rifle while this is pressed will tear flesh and/or grab clothing allowing control over subject while having them right where you want them the 3LFH sells for $75.00

The A2CPL is the coupler to convert the M4LX to a M4LXK.  $75.00

The 3LCK is the kit required to convert a M4A2X to an M4LXK, it includes one flash suppressor and required coupler. $150.00

The 3LCPL is to convert the M4A2X suppressor to a M4LXK suppressor WITHOUT the required flash hider. $75.00